What's There Now?

It’s often a very important question to answer, and Lumense's chemical and biological sensor platform can help. Perhaps you’re running production processes that require tight quality control of raw materials, production conditions, or finished goods in order to protect your gross margins or, more critically, your customers’ health. Or perhaps you’re in government service with responsibility for public welfare. Or maybe you’re just trying to get a better feel for what’s in the air and water around you in a world threatened by contaminants and pathogens. Lumense technology can help you tell immediately if impurities are present, and it can do it in situ, in the place where you need it. Features of Lumense’s sensor platform include:

  ✓  Real-time, continuous sensing or monitoring – replaces “sample and test” paradigm
  ✓  Automated, durable and low maintenance
  ✓  Cost effective – >10X lower cost than current in-line units
  ✓  Field deployable, in-line, in situ
  ✓  Scalable – field upgradable multi-target sensing capability
  ✓  Accurate – approaches accuracy of lab instruments
  ✓  Can monitor both liquids and gases
  ✓  Can detect and quantify chemical and biological targets
  ✓  Can be tailored to be highly specific to certain targets or recipes (impurity detection)

Why Lumense

"What’s there now?” It’s an easy question to ask, but a hard one to answer. Find out how Lumense can help you answer that question.



Lumense’s sensor products are built around an optical waveguide, made using common semiconductor processing techniques…

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Lumense’s SensorIT technology, based on patents and trade secrets exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech and supplemented ...

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