Why Lumense

TestLumense real-time chemical and biological sensors allow customers, for the first time, to move beyond the current crop of flawed analysis options -- single-use color-changing tubes; unscalable “accidents of science” like electrochemical cells; and, most commonly, slow, labor intensive, and expensive lab analyzers (mass spectroscopes, gas chromatographs, ELISA or PCR equipment). Lumense changes the chemical and biological sensing game from “sample-and-wait” to “monitor-and-manage,” giving its customers the ability to proactively address the issues caused by unwanted substances in a process or an environment.

What if you had a watch that took days to tell you the time? Or one with a blank face that gradually changed color as the hours went by? Or one that only worked on the third Thursday of the month, or for only a week, or was the size of a grandfather clock? It wouldn’t be very useful, but it would mirror current chemical and biological sensor solutions. You capture samples of volatile concentrations, hope that they are representative of what’s really going on in the application, and then hope again that the samples don’t degrade on the trip to the expensive lab. Or, you look at the color in a tube, or on a piece of paper, and try to figure out if its bluish green or greenish blue. You manage a hodgepodge of decades-old technology, but still can’t detect most of what’s really important to you. Lumense, with its real-time, scalable sensor platform, can help you change all that.

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