Biosecurity Policy for Poultry Operations


Infectious diseases in poultry operations are a threat to the health of the birds. Prevention is the best approach to the control of these diseases. Lumense subscribes to the motto, “Primum non nocere,” which translated from Latin means “first, do no harm.” The Lumense sensor technology is an important tool in safeguarding the health of the birds. It is imperative that Lumense be a leader in biosecurity to help our customers control the spread of disease. The primary method of spreading disease between houses is attributed to the use of contaminated equipment or through contaminated clothing/shoes.

Lumense Standards

Lumense will maintain strict standards of biosecurity when entering poultry houses. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Never enter a poultry house unless advance approval is given by the grower or company.
  2. Within a given farm, travel from house to house should be from the younger birds to the older birds if the flocks are not of the same age.
  3. Protective clothing should be worn at all times and will include coveralls, shoe covers, and head covering. Lumense provides this clothing to all employees. Should a grower or company request additional protective clothing, it will also be provided. Used protective clothing should be left at the farm, if possible. Before re-entering a vehicle, shoes should be sprayed with a disinfectant spray and hands should be cleaned with a hand sanitizer.
  4. Visits to more than one farm each day should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. When it is required, visits should be from the farm with the younger birds to the farm with the older birds. New protective clothing should be used at each farm; used protective clothing should never be taken from one farm to another. If visiting more than one farm in a day, vehicles are to be washed between farms.
  5. Lumense employees visiting farms in countries with known animal disease outbreaks will not visit farms for a period of 4 weeks after their return to the U.S. Lumense employees traveling to other countries with known disease outbreaks, but not visiting any animal farms, will not visit farms for a period of 2 weeks after their return to the U.S. Lumense employees with backyard flocks will not be allowed to visit farms.
  6. Tools and materials used by Lumense employees will not be taken from farm to farm without first being sanitized. Should more than one farm be visited in one day, tools and materials will be sanitized between visits or new sets of tools and materials will be provided.
  7. In the cases of quarantine or disease outbreaks, Lumense will work with the company veterinarian and management staff if farm visits are required. After visiting a farm with known disease, all tools and equipment will be sanitized and the Lumense employee will not use those tools nor visit another farm for a period of 48 hours.
  8. Each Lumense employee will keep a log book of the farms and facilities visited.

These standards are to be followed by all Lumense employees and subcontractors. If additional procedures above and beyond these are required by a grower or company, their requirements will take priority.

Acknowledgement: Lumense wishes to thank Dr. Brian Fairchild, University of Georgia Poultry Extension Service, for his input and review of this policy.

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